Aqua Feed Supplements


The most important action of Digizyme is the digestion of non degradable components in the  Shrimp feed. By digesting these components, Digizyme liberates the nutrientss…

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A unique aquaculture feed supplement, free from harmful chemicals and antibiotics, composed of herbs & spices extracts. Non-antibiotic feed supplement to control bacterial infections in fish…

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Phytobiotic Aquaculture feed additive with Mannoglucan. Gutguard  is composed of plant extracts and oils. Gutguard optimizes secretion of digestive juices for enhanced feed digestion and nutrients…

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Nucleotides-Mannoglucans-Enzymes feed supplement. The high stocking density in Aquaculture production leads to stress. Stress is one of the major causes for under performance of Aquaculture…

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Organic Immuno-stimulant for Shrimp. Increased availability of biologically active minerals. Increased net retention of absorbed minerals. Optimum utilization of absorbed minerals and…

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New generation Direct Fed Microbials for Shrimp diet The use of Probiofeed in shrimp/Fish, diet regulates the digestive process to improve utilization of  feed. By direct inhibition of pathogens…

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Degrades organic waste at the pond and improves pond water quality…

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