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Herbex-C is a formulation made from extracts of unique, time tested and proven herbs and spices. These phytomolecules are selected for their hepatoprotective and hepatostimulant properties…

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Stress is the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional response. Stress in dogs can come from variety of sources, including trauma, physical resistance…

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A dog / cat needs an immune system that is healthy and properly functioning. The dog’s immune system protects them from illness, pathogenic bacteria & virus and eliminates toxins from…

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Microguard-C, a unique Direct Fed Microbial for canine. Microguard-C is an innovative spore forming, new generation Probiotics, which on ingestion colonize and multiply in the intestine of the…

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Canizyme, a combination of Multienzyme complex and DFM helps in breakdown of food particles and increases the availability of nutrients. Canizyme, plays a key role in reducing, eliminating…

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Lactomore-C is a biochemical complex produced by fermentation of yeast & herbs and contains phytosterols, live yeast culture and enzymes. It stimulates the production of oxytocin…

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Breedon-Cm is a unique combination of essential organic minerals and new generation direct fed microbials fermented on time tested & selected phytonutrients to increase semen quality…

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Breedon-Cf is a combination of specifically chosen Phytomolecules, Organic trace minerals and Direct Fed Microbials to stimulate, synchronize & balance the reproductive hormones…

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Organomin-C is a combination of essential trace minerals in yeast proteinate form. Another major issue is the bioavailability of minerals which are available in the pet food. Organomin-C…

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