A high-tech production and research facility that works like a farm.

We aren’t newcomers to the feed supplements industry. It’s been part of our DNA since 1991. We drive product development and rigorous testing of all our feed formulations and nutritional programs. All with a single aim — healthier and stronger animals. Our love for healthy and productive animals drives everything we do at Zymo Nutrients. And the proof of our success is in barns.

All our supplements are distinguished for their quality and efficacy which is affirmed through stringent and a well established quality management system supported by a highly equipped Quality Control laboratory facility. Our ideas have revolutionized the way animals are fed. Over the years, we’ve discovered many nutritional feed supplements & healthcare products for Equine, Aquaculture, Camels, Pets and Zoo Animals.

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Constant Nutrition

Your animals have nutrition requirements and not ingredient requirements. So we make sure the best nutritional ingredient is used throughout all our products and we maintain consistency across every bag.

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Proof Pays Off

Before any of our feeds get to the farm, we field test it on countless others. This feedback allows us look at what is and isn’t working, so that we can deliver feed supplements that’s proven to achieve greater results.

Lateral Thinking

Innovation doesn’t happen in silos. Our, researchers, doctors and veterinarians play a big role in the development and they are the backbone of the company developing and testing new feed supplements every single day.

New Product Development

Our research, development & manufacturing facility allows us to study thousands of mixtures and ingredients quickly, so that we can take a product from concept to production as soon as it meets our standards.

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